Fun Fact About Chicago's Bridgeport Neighborhood

Bridgeport is one of Chicago’s most recognized neighborhoods on the South Side and a place where home buyers and investors can find one heck of a bargain. Often described as a residential neighborhood with lively streetscapes, a diverse culinary scene, and a very rich history, here are 5 things to know about Chicago’s one-and-only Bridgeport neighborhood

  • Perhaps the most amazing fun fact about Bridgeport is that it’s the birthplace and home to five Chicago mayors. Pretty crazy, right? 
  • Bridgeport is perhaps most recognized for being the home of the Chicago White Sox, one of MLB’s oldest teams. 
  • Bridgeport is where you’ll find the Zhou B Art Center, located at 1029 W. 35th Street. It’s here you’ll find breathtaking pieces of contemporary art, as well as works by renowned international artists.
  • Speaking of art, the Bridgeport Art Center is also one of the neighborhood’s most celebrated destinations, which acts as both a multi-disciplinary home for artists, designers, and creative professionals and also one of the city’s top event venues as well. 
  • Armour Square Park, which was named after the former owner/operator of the one-time largest meat packing plant in the world, is also situated in Bridgeport and is still one of the South Side’s most-used green spaces today. 

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